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Redraw Redistricting Maps


TALLAHASSEE – Senate Democratic Leader Arthenia Joyner (D-Tampa) on Friday issued the following statement on the impasse ending the special legislative session called to re-draw the unconstitutional Congressional maps:

“The inability of the legislature to agree on Congressional maps aligned with the Supreme Court’s recommendations was a colossal failure. Thankfully, it now falls to the Court to correct that failure by drawing new maps.

“It appears that Washington has come to Tallahassee. If this legislative dysfunction has shown us anything, it is the critical need for a truly independent, non-partisan, and fully transparent redistricting commission, one which is thoroughly insulated from political influence or domination.

“Throughout this process, eight Congressional districts have been found unconstitutional, and the Republican-led Senate stipulated to and agreed that several of the Senate districts violated the Fair Districts provisions within the state constitution.

“When egos continue to prevail over the oath each of us took to uphold the constitution, it’s time to question the master we’re serving. Given the outcome we’ve seen over this reapportionment process, the answer, sadly, has not always been the people.”