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Scott Pruitt

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt is out after months of speculation and scandal. His resignation came just two days after a CNN investigation revealed an ex-top aide alleged Pruitt and his staffers held regular meetings to “scrub” controversial events from his calendar. The ethics clouds had been gathering long before that, though, as lawmakers from both parties, environmental groups and government watchdogs raised questions about his spending, housing arrangements, security team and raises for political appointees. Pruitt is the subject of 14 probes into his conduct as EPA chief, and the agency’s inspector general says they will continue. Still, President Trump yesterday stuck with Pruitt, tweeting that he has “done an outstanding job.” EPA deputy Andrew Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, takes over for Pruitt.

Racist America

Courtesy CNN

A black Oregon state representative says someone called the police on her while she was canvassing door-to-door in her district.

Rep. Janelle Bynum represents District 51, which includes the area of Clackamas County, where she was campaigning.
In a Facebook post Tuesday, the Democrat wrote that a woman notified police that Bynum was suspicious because she was “spending a lot of time typing on my cell phone after each house.”
Bynum is running for reelection in the fall, and said she takes notes when she’s visiting her constituents to keep an account of what her community cares about.
She praised the deputy who responded for being professional, and said she asked him if she could meet the woman who made the call, but she was not available.
“The officer called her, we talked and she did apologize,” Bynum said, without specifying the race of the caller.
CNN has reached out to Bynum and the police department for comment. Bynum told local media that someone called 911 and reported that she was spending too much time at houses in the area.
In recent weeks, there have been a series of widely-publicized instances of police being called on black people engaging in regular activities. In one incident in Ohio, someone called the police on a 12-year-old boy for mowing the wrong lawn.