Boycott These Koch Brothers’ Products’t-buy-these-Koch-products#


The Koch Brothers plan to buy our next election.  You can help defeat the Koch Brothers by boycotting their products.  Educate yourself.  Don’t buy their products.

koch products to boycott


2 thoughts on “Boycott These Koch Brothers’ Products

  1. Excellent information! I’ll be sure to spread this around and bring awareness to this and any other aide to stand against this corruption. Every effort large or small is a step in the right direction! Thanks for all you do!
    In Solidarity

    1. Thank you for wanting to be aware. I’m toward the obsessed side. When I visit my friends I look to see if they have Dixie products in their home or if they are using Vanity Fair napkins. If so, I let them know they are supporting the Koch Brothers. I had run out of copy paper and asked my neighbor if she bring some over. She was mortified when I showed her the Georgia Pacific label and asked if she knew it was a Koch Brother’s product. She had no idea about Georgia Pacific. We need to try to keep educating our friends, etc. So happy to have you on board.

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