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The Supreme Court just enabled a network to deceive America’s women
By Ilyse Hogue

Updated 7:05 PM ET, Tue June 26, 2018
SCOTUS sides with faith-based pregnancy centers
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Ilyse Hogue is President of NARAL Pro-Choice America. The views expressed in this commentary are her own.

(CNN)In every state in America, a network has been quietly building women’s health centers. Many look like Planned Parenthood centers, have exact replicas of waiting and exam rooms and are located within blocks of legitimate reproductive health clinics.

The mission of these centers? In their words, “capture” pregnant women before they visit a reproductive health clinic that provides a full range of services, including abortion.
Today, the Supreme Court threw the doors wide open for them to continue this practice.

In NIFLA v. Becerra, the court overturned a basic California consumer protection law, the Reproductive FACT Act, that requires these centers to post a notice on whether they are medically licensed, as well as of the existence of reproductive care options in the state. By ruling that this law somehow “imposes an unduly burdensome disclosure requirement that will chill their protected speech,” conservative justices effectively allow the anti-choice movement to continue to deceive women searching for medical information about all of their reproductive health options.
Networks of these health centers, disguised in name as “crisis pregnancy centers,” prey on women at vulnerable times in their lives by lying about their options and using outright falsehoods to push political agendas. For example, some centers tell patients abortion is linked with health risks such as infertility, breast cancer and birth defects in future pregnancies, even though the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has debunked these medical inaccuracies. Some perform invasive, vaginal ultrasounds without a medical purpose, solely to manipulate women. And at oral arguments back in March, these centers didn’t even try to dispute their deceptive tactics. Yet the Supreme Court just let them off the hook for their dangerous and predatory tactics that harm women and their families every day in every state across our country.

Notably, today’s ruling was decided by one vote. One vote was the difference between ending the lies at these women’s health centers and allowing pregnant women and their families access to comprehensive information. Unsurprisingly, Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s justice who was hand-picked by his anti-abortion allies, voted with the majority.
But this decision shouldn’t be viewed in a vacuum. It’s part of a trend of restrictive decisions since Gorsuch joined the court. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court reversed decades of labor law and allowed employers to require their employees to resolve work-related disputes through forced individual arbitration, including survivors of workplace sexual harassment and assault. This spring, the court also refused to take up a challenge to an Arkansas law that effectively bans medication for abortions, a regulation with no basis in science and no countervailing health benefit for women.

And with Trump appointing and Congress confirming a record number of conservative judges, this trend is likely to continue. Of course, this is exactly what the anti-choice movement and its political allies want — conservative judges at every level of the federal court system, handing down anti-choice judgments.

An Ohio Right to Life promotional video admits their true goals: “When we look at the overall strategy of ending abortion, not just in Ohio but nationwide, we have to have a strong federal strategy, a very strong state strategy, and then a local strategy to support our pregnancy centers.” Unsurprisingly, then, in state after state — Iowa, Louisiana, and Mississippi — anti-choice politicians are passing radical and unconstitutional abortion bans because they are counting on Trump’s judges — and a Trump Supreme Court — to overturn Roe v. Wade.
But our power as a movement for gender equality also continues to grow. A record-breaking number of women are running for office, the #MeToo movement has forced a national reckoning on sexual harassment and assault, and after 35 years of legislative inaction, Illinois approved the Equal Rights Amendment, putting the country one state away from ratification.
On Roe’s 45th anniversary, the landmark decision is at greater risk than ever before. And with Trump eager to fill another Supreme Court spot, many of our other most cherished rights are one vote away from falling. But we will fight each judicial appointment. We will fight every anti-woman piece of legislation in Congress and in state legislatures. And if our representatives don’t stand up for our constitutional right to choose, we will elect new ones this November.


Stacey Abrams made history Tuesday night by being the nation's first black woman nominated for governor by a major political party. She also upended Georgia's conventional wisdom about minority candidates.
If there was a conception that African-Americans will have trouble winning primaries in areas without many minorities, Abrams shattered it; she won everywhere and by huge margins.

In fact, out of Georgia's 159 counties, she won all but 6 of them, besting rival Stacey Evans in many white enclaves across the state.

The word Abortion banned?

Subject: Tell HHS: Reject the abortion gag rule!


The Trump administration wants to BAN the word abortion from the doctor’s office. Yes, you read that right.

For clinics and hospitals that accept dollars from the Title X program–the nation’s program for affordable birth control and reproductive health care–doctors, nurses, and other health care providers would be banned from providing, counseling on, or referring any patient for an abortion. Even if it was needed to protect a woman’s health or save her life.

The Trump administration has backed off harmful rule changes before, such as allowing employers to steal workers’ tips–and it is accepting comments on the new proposal. If we generate fast, widespread outrage, we can force the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to back down. Can you join me?



Courtesy of Democratic Women’s Caucus

Monday Morning News – May 14, 2018
DWC Wins Big in the Primary Election!
WHAT A WEEK! In a groundbreaking primary season with more women running both locally and nationally than ever before, women candidates in Monroe County emerged victorious. Even more gratifying, in every primary race where the DWC had an endorsed candidate, our candidate won! What a spectacular showing, due entirely to the strength and quality of the candidates, their incredibly hard work, and the depth and persistence of their support crews. Give a rouse to the following fabulous women who will now move on to the fall elections!

Penny Githens: State Rep, District 60

Amy Swain: State Rep, District 62

Christine Talley-Haseman: Judge (Seat 2)

Catherine Stafford: Judge (Seat 3)

Darcie Fawcett: Judge (Seat 8)

Nicole Brown: County Clerk

Lee Jones: County Commissioner

Shelli Yoder: County Council

Kate Wiltz: County Council

Pam Cook: Bean Blossom Township Trustee

Michelle Bright: Benton Township Trustee

Beverly Himes: Indiana Creek Township Trustee

Rosemary Doherty: Indiana Creek Township Board

In addition, Erika Oliphant, a supported candidate, won her race for Monroe County Prosecutor. That was a hard fought contest with another DWC supported candidate, Margie Rice, coming in second. We knew there could only be one winner and we applaud Erika and Margie for their joint demonstration of grace and sisterhood in dealing with the result.

We’d also like to thank Clerk Nicole Browne and her staff in the Monroe County Clerk’s office and Election Central for running such a smooth and efficient election. They worked tirelessly to make this happen without a glitch. In addition, Carolyn VandeWiele, election board representative, spent many hours each week leading up to the election and through May 8th ensuring the primaries would be a success. Kudos to both of you and our gratitude for your sacrifices.

The DWC steering committee (really Regina Moore–thank you, Regina!) organized a lunch break for endorsed and supported candidates and other DWC members on election day, and a lunch after the primaries on Friday at Grazie’s to talk about the results and lessons learned. Both events were a welcome diversion from the high pace and stress of the last few weeks, and the lunch on Friday especially was a chance for all of us to celebrate the successes, thank families, friends and supporters, and get energized for the fall elections. Remember, folks, it’s not over yet. We have to win in November, too, or these will have been nothing but practice runs. There’s nothing wrong with learning from an election loss, but let’s be honest, not one of us is in this business to lose. So let’s put our campaign duds on and lift our candidates to victory in the fall!