Why am I a Democrat?

Have you asked yourself this question?  Why Am I a Democrat?  You can click on this link to read the recently-adopted DNC platform.

So many people like to argue  “there’s no difference in the two parties.”  As Democratic women, we disagree with that statement.  Click on the link to see what we, as Democrats, have adopted as our platform.Hillary Clinton with flags


If you have not registered to vote by mail, (VBM)PLEASE do so now.  Contact your Supervisor of Elections (SOE) and request a Vote by Mail ballot for “all elections.”  If you live outside Charlotte County, you can find your SOE by Googling your county+supervisor of elections.    Many counties allow you to do this over the phone or online.  You do not have to make a trip to the SOE’s office to request your VBM ballot. Statistic show that 80% of voters who have a physical ballot in their hands will vote.  This is your insurance policy for voting in November. In Charlotte County you can phone the SOE’s office at 941-833-5400 or go online to www.charlottevotes.com to request your VBM ballot.

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